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Pichvai of Shri Nathji

Krishna Surrounded by Gopis

18th/ 19th Century.

Rajasthan, India.

Height: 81½″,

Width: 75⅞″

Shri Nathji as Venugopla is standing on a lotus surrounded by gopis entranced by his music, trees laden with fruit and animals in the star-filled sky. Cows and cow herders are listening below. The border has thirty- eight scenes from the life of Krishna that are surrounded by a floral border.

Provenance, Christie′s, New York.
Collection Ariane Dandois
Exhibited: Galerie Ariane Dandois
October 1977

This Pichvai has been finely stretched with a first-rate lining, and the reverse side of the stretcher is quite strong.