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Tibetan Hair Accessory and Ear Ornaments

Late 19th Century.


Hair Ornaments Diameter: 4½″

The length of earrings: 2½″

Nomadic exotic headwear was worn by the people of the Himalayas. The pieces shown here are rare because of the design and the amount of coral and turquoise. The chased edging of silver on this ornament is laid upon felt with a string attached underneath for tying to the hair. The second layer of this ornament is laid upon a silver circular that is studded with coral. The third layer is laid upon a circular of silver studded with turquoise. Set in the center is a silver dome at the top with a large coral.

The earrings are made of the same similar style. Most people of the Himalayan area carry reliquary amulets on the body for some sort of protection.